New Top Salsa Songs 2015 List

New Top Salsa Songs 2013 List

Latest Top Salsa Songs 2015

It has been widely felt and accepted that the best music to express love and compassion for someone special is through Salsa music. Films like ‘Dirty Dancing’ have a cult following for their passionate dances choreographed to popular Latin and Salsa songs. Salsa dance involves specific movement of each part of your hips and feet to beat and rhythm. This Cuban derived music is also popular and phenomenal at nearly every quinceanera and weddings. The list of top Salsa songs 2015 list will inspire all lovers through dance, rhythm and exciting tunes. The latest top Salsa songs 2015 list will be a perfect addition to the new steps in your salsa routines.

New Top Salsa Songs 2015 List
Salsa originated in Cuba as a result of the blending of European and Afro- American cultures and has given many loners a reason to find love and cherish it. If you are mad about dancing and want to learn some Salsa routines then this top Salsa songs 2015 list will be a seamless rhythm that will have swaying your hips and feet in no time! Most of the songs mentioned on the 2015 top Salsa songs 2015 list are very similar to and livelier compared to the most famous Latin song called ‘Sway’.

Latest Top Salsa Songs 2015 List

Latin and Salsa song lyrics have a wide range I the spectrum of love and its adventures like romance, lust, jealousy and peace. The central instruments employed in Salsa songs are the Congo and Bongo. As new innovations in music have risen you will find Salsa songs with string charanga that have been featured in the top Salsa songs list 2015. You will also find new Salsa musical variations that have been included in songs on the latest top Salsa songs 2015 list.

Top Salsa Songs 2015 List

# 01- Odio — Romeo Santos Featuring Drake
# 02- El Perdedor — Enrique Iglesias Featuring Marco Antonio
# 03- Propuesta Indecente — Romeo Santos
# 04- Darte Un Beso — Prince Royce
# 05- Vivir Mi Vida — Marc Anthony
# 06- Hermosa Experiencia — Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga
# 07- Loco — Enrique Iglesias Featuring Romeo Santos
# 08- Mujer de Piedra — Gerardo Ortiz
# 09- Hasta Abajo — Yandel
# 10- Te Robare — Prince Royce
# 11- Cambio de Piel — Marc Anthony
# 12- La Nueva y La Ex — Daddy Yankee
# 13- Vas A Llorar Por Mi — Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizarraga
# 14- Borracho de Amor — Banda La Trakalosa
# 15- Prometo Olvidarte — Tony Dize
# 16- El Inmigrante — Calibre 50
# 17- La Luz — Juanes
# 18- Que Viva La Vida — Wisin
# 19- Te Hubieras Ido Antes — Julion Alvarez y Su Norteno Banda
# 20- La Doble Cara — Banda Carnaval

We have witnessed many hip hop and freestyle dance, folk and ballet dance, but with the new top Salsa songs 2015 list you can do much more if you are crazy about Salsa. With its fantastic musical style and potential new steps to break down dance boundaries further into instances of ecstasy, the 2015 latest top Salsa songs 2015 will reunite lost bonds.

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  1. You know there’s no Salsa songs on your ‘Top Salsa Songs’ list don’t you? There’s some good tracks but they’re all bachata or merengue beats not salsa.

  2. Huh? The first 2 songs at thet of the list are NOT Salsa songs.

  3. OK . . . NONE of them are Salsa songs, lol! Bachata and Reggaeton, yes, Salsa, non!

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